Elected Officials

Federal Officials
US Senate – Chuck Schumer
US Senate – Kirsten Gillibrand
US House of Representatives – currently vacant, but previously held by Louise Slaughter (25th District)

New York State Officials
NYS Governor – Andrew M. Cuomo
NYS Attorney General – Barbara Underwood (Interim)
NYS Comptroller – Thomas P. DiNapoli
NYS Assembly – Joseph D. Morelle (136th District, Assembly Majority Leader)
NYS Assembly – David F. Gantt (137th District)
NYS Assembly – Harry B. Bronson (138th District)

County of Monroe
County Clerk – Adam J. Bello
Board of Elections Comissioner – Thomas Ferraresse
County Legislature – Cindy W. Kaleh, Minority Leader, 28th District
County Legislature – John Lightfoot, Assistant Minority Leader, 25th District
County Legislature – Ernest S. Flagler-Mitchell, Assistant Minority Leader, 29th District
County Legislature – Justin Wilcox, 14th District
County Legislature – Joe Morelle Jr., 17th District
County Legislature – Mark S. Muoio, 21st District
County Legislature – Vincent R. Felder, 22nd District
County Legislature – James M. Sheppard, 23rd District
County Legislature – Joshua Bauroth, 24th District
County Legislature – LaShay D. Harris, 27th District

City of Rochester
Mayor of Rochester – Lovely Warren
Rochester City Council – Loretta Scott, President
Rochester City Council – Adam McFadden, Vice President (South)
Rochester City Council – Michael Patterson (Northeast District)
Rochester City Council – Malik Evans (At Large)
Rochester City Council – Willie J. Lightfoot (At Large)
Rochester City Council – Mitch Gruber (At-Large)
Rochester City Council – Jacklyn Ortiz (At Large)
Rochester City Council – Molly Clifford (Northwest)
Rochester City Council – Elaine Spaull (East District)

Rochester City School Board – Van White, President
Rochester City School Board – Cynthia Elliott, Vice President
Rochester City School Board – Beatriz LeBron
Rochester City School Board – Dr. Elizabeth Hallmark
Rochester City School Board – Melanie Funchess
Rochester City School Board – Willa Powell
Rochester City School Board – Mary Adams

Town of Brighton
Brighton Town Supervisor – Bill Moehle
Town Justice – Judge Karen Morris
Town Justice – Judge John Faulk
Town Clerk – Dan Aman
Town Board Member – Christopher Werner
Town Board Member – James Vogel
Town Board Member – Jason DiPonzio
Town Board Member – Robin R Wilt

Town of Clarkson
Clarkson Town Supervisor – Jerry Underwood

Town of Henrietta
Henrietta Town Supervisor – Stephen L. Schultz
Town Board Member – Mike Stafford
Town Board Member – Robert Barley

Town of Irondequoit
Irondequoit Town Supervisor – David A. Seeley
Town Justice – Judge Joseph Valentino Jr.
Town Justice – Judge Joseph Genier
Town Board Member – John Perticone, Deputy Supervisor
Town Board Member – Nicole Hushla Re
Town Board Member – Kimie Romeo
Town Board Member – Peter Wehner

Town of Pittsford
Town Board Member – Kevin Beckford
Town Board Member – Stephanie Townsend

NYS Supreme Court 7th Judicial District – Judge Joseph Valentino
NYS Supreme Court 7th Judicial District – Judge Stephen Lindley
NYS Supreme Court 7th Judicial District – Judge Joanne Winslow
Rochester City Court – Judge Melchor E. Castro
Rochester City Court – Judge Jack Elliott
Rochester City Court – Judge Teresa D. Johnson
Rochester City Court – Judge Maija C. Dixon
Rochester City Court – Judge Thomas Rainbow Morse
Rochester City Court – Judge Stephen T. Miller
Rochester City Court – Judge Ellen M. Yacknin
Rochester City Court – Judge Charles F. Crimi Jr.