MCDC Executive Committee Members

MCDC Executive Commitee Officiers

**These are officials whom are elected my the County Committee Members of the Party.**

Chairwoman Jamie Romeo
Telephone: (585) 232-2410
Fax: (585) 232-1223

Executive Vice Chair Jim Vogel

Secretary Patricia Thompson

Treasurer Hon. Carolee Conklin

Board of Election Commissioner Thomas Ferrarese

Your NYS Democratic Committee Members

AD 133  Maggie Ridge


AD 134  Dick Beebe

AD 134  Tammy Beebe

AD 135  Ron Pettingill

AD 135  Sue Davis

AD 136  Hon. Adam Bello

AD 136  Sue Gerling

AD 137  Hon. David Gantt

AD 137  Juilie Hutchinson

AD 138  Laurie Hamlin

AD 138  Tom Ferrarese

AD 139  Hon. Annie Crane

AD 139  Rod Zulkosky