Running for Office

**The Process for the Designation of Candidates by the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC, the “Party”) adheres to the appropriate sections of the MCDC By-Laws (last updated and adopted by the Committee in 2006), New York State Election Law and Robert’s Rules of Order**

You can find a list of the Monroe County public offices up for election in 2017 HERE.

First, it should be noted that the leadership of the Party, including the Chairperson, Executive Officers, Town and City Legislative District Leaders, are elected by and serve the County Committee Members, which as of January, 20 2017 has 1,546 members.

The Party does not have a role in lobbying for votes of behalf of any candidates. All candidates whom report themselves to the Party will be provided with a “packet” prior to the designation process that will include tools to navigate the process detailed below. Candidates and their campaigns bear responsibility to communicate with County Committee Members and their City & Town Committee Leadership to solicit support. The Party is responsible to make sure this process is transparent, accessible and fair.

Per our Party Rules, any candidate wishing to be considered must inform the Party.  Please submit letters of intent by February 25, 2017. They can be mailed to our headquarters, or emailed to This will assure the candidates receive all of the necessary information regarding the process. We will consider all submissions however earlier notification will help ensure a potential candidate does not miss important Town/LD Caucus Meetings.

The following is based on the County Convention being held in May of 2017. Town and City Legislative District Committees are required to hold their Committee Designating Caucuses during a window between 75-days to 10-days prior to the Convention. Only those County Committee Members whom are current membership or are adopted as new members at the February Party Executive Committee meeting will be eligible to vote in the designating caucuses.

At the local Committee Designating Caucuses, fifteen percent (15%) of County Committee Members eligible to vote in each jurisdiction is required for quorum. Eligible voting County Committee Members must be present for the meetings, as no proxies are allowed. Each County Committee Member shall have one vote within the jurisdiction they serve for each position for the offices sought. Local leaders must notify all eligible County Committee Members on their Committee no later than five (5) days prior to the caucus.

Candidates have the right to know who was at each Committee Designating Caucus and the total votes cast for each candidate.

In the case where a designation for public office is exclusively with in a single City Legislative District or Town Committee, the committee may need to take multiple votes until a candidate receives at least 50% of the vote since those offices don’t go to the Convention. All results must be submitted back to the Party no later than seven (7) days prior to the County Designating Convention for certification and to participation at the Designating Convention.

Votes calculated at the County Designating Convention are weighted, generally dependent on voter turnout on the Democratic line for the governor in the most recent election. The percentage that each candidate gets in the Committee Designating Caucuses will be applied to the committees weighted vote total and the Leader (Executive Committee Member) will cast that weighted vote for each candidate at the County Designating Convention on the first ballot. If a candidate(s) is not designated on the first ballot the Leader will then be free, according to the Party Rules, to cast their committee’s weighted vote any way they determine until a candidate is selected (each committee may have their own rules which may guide but not restrict a leader). At the County Designating Convention, any Leaders required to cast a second ballot are urged to consult with present County Committee Members at the Convention.

Much of this process is dependent of the participation of County Committee Members.